Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week Two: Dressember 2013

We’re two weeks in and I’m finding this way easier than I thought it would be. Sometimes I’m just so fidgety in pants and some days they are the most uncomfortable thing. So for me, wearing dresses is a fun celebration every day, because I love them! They’re comfortable, cute, and easy to wear and accessorize.  But I know so many women who just don’t do this whole dress deal. It’s not their thing. And that’s great! I think Blythe Hill said it well here: “Wearing a dress is one way of expressing/embracing femininity; it's definitely not the only way, nor is it the "right" way. Femininity is complex and beautiful in its diversity of expression. Dressember is less about defining femininity and more about solidarity in dressing for a cause.” 

That solidarity and sense of purpose has been one of my favorite things so far about Dressember. This idea just feels like an awesome movement that is enacting change. We can make a difference by choosing what to wear every day and by talking to people about things we’re excited and passionate about. Winner! 

Join us? 

You can read more of my Dressember thoughts here and here

And check out the official website here

Also, you don’t have to wear a dress every day to be part of this awesome community! If you want to, you can donate some monies here (my personal campaign.) And check out the hashtags #dressember2013 and #youcandoanythinginadress for some fun inspiration!   

(Again, sorry for the less than stellar graphic this week. Also, you're welcome for the extra photo of our very attractive tacky Christmas attire.You can find the daily pictures here:  Day OneDay Two. Day Three  Day Four. Day Five. Day SixDay Six: Part TwoDay Seven.

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  1. So ... just wondering what a stellar graphic would look like in your world?? I am loving yours !!